Hi, my name is Ben Fitts and I'm a musician, writer and zine maker from New York

The Rock N'Roll Horror Zine

Issue #1 of The Rock N' Roll Horror Zine is out now! Featuring six horror and weird fiction tales of rock and roll.


My Birth And Other Regrets

My debut short story collection, out now through Nihilism Revised!

"19 short stories that change tone and genre with each entry, from subtle to surreal, hallucinatory to horrifying, morose to madness – all handled by the masterful mind of musician and storyteller, Ben Fitts."

War Honey

An indie rock band I play guitar in.

Capra Coven

My witch house/dark electronic solo project


Featured Stories:

Where I Keep My Spoons

A surrealist dark fantasy/horror story published by Weird Mask Zine in July 2018

Even Wimps Can Be Alien Overlords

A bizarro sci-fi comedy story released on Kindle in March 2020

The East River Navy

A surrealist story published by Space-Ship in August 2019

Links are fun! Here's a bunch:

If you'd like to contact me about something, I can be reached at doomgoat666@gmail.com

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