Writer and musician from New York City

The Rock N'Roll Horror Zine

Issue #1 of The Rock N' Roll Horror Zine is out now! Featuring six horror and weird fiction tales of rock and roll.



A campy horror novel of regret, synchronously morphing into a monstrous, unexpected outcome. High school adultescent can be tough sometimes, especially if you’re hiding inside a snail shell refusing to come out, shelling out the world around you even your best friend. Snailbutter is a Bizarro punch of imagination packed with evil genetically-modified animals, sexy robots, Nazi scientists, cannibal lovers, cute British girls from other dimensions, and much more. 

War Honey

An indie rock band I play guitar in.

My Birth And Other Regrets

"19 short stories that change tone and genre with each entry, from subtle to surreal, hallucinatory to horrifying, morose to madness – all handled by the masterful mind of musician and storyteller, Ben Fitts."


Capra Coven

My witch house/dark electronic solo project


Featured Stories:

Nostalgia Box

A surrealist story published by Horror Sleaze Trash in April 2020 

Even Wimps Can Be Alien Overlords

A bizarro sci-fi comedy story released on Kindle in March 2020

The East River Navy

A surrealist story published by Space-Ship in August 2019

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If you'd like to contact me about something, I can be reached at doomgoat666@gmail.com